Kiina’s founder, Enaam, grew up in a small Palestinian village in the Galilee, to a big Muslim family of eight.

Ever since a small child, she would wait for holidays, birthdays, cling onto any and every seasonal change, to take her mind off of the scarcity and hardship, and bring some gaiety into her life. She would help her mother bake sweets for holidays, decorate the house with flowers she would personally plant and pick from their own garden and wrap gifts for her friends on their birthdays. She has found a door into a world that is buoyantly wondrous. She has found what nourishes her soul. That was the only way she knew to celebrate life, and was determined to do more and more of later on in her life. 

Shortly after getting married in the '90s, she started collecting any design magazines and books that she could get a hold of in search for any inspiration to sprinkle another dash of festivity onto her home. So every year since she would put up Christmas trees, display deers and Santa Clauses all over the house, and yes even in the bathroom. Her dream was coming true. She had a beautiful house, all decorated and convivial just the way she had always imagined it to be, which made her genuinely happy. 

Except her house didn’t really look like her. None of it looked like her. What was in those magazines didn’t reflect her culture or religion. Ornaments in markets locally or abroad also didn’t resonate with her story. Festive holiday decor in movies? You get the drill. So when she immigrated to the United States in 2016, she decided to drop a 20 year career in law and study interior design. This is the result.

Joined by her two daughters, she founded Kiina, a family-owned home decor business aimed to create home and holiday decor, prints and gifts that are chic and artsy but more importantly that look closer to how all homes are meant to look like, a beautiful narration of their owners’ stories, cultures and religions.

With love,
Team Kiina